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Wearing Instruction for
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Warning: Although our colored contacts are sterile and shipped factory sealed, failure to use the recommended solutions properly or to use good hygiene could result in an eye infection especially if you wear the lenses overnight.

Never open the contact lens containers until you have the correct solutions (see #2 below) and a clean storage case to use.

Do not share your contacts with anyone else or use their contact lens otherwise you may get an eye infection.. When you buy contact lenses online, we recommend the following instructions:

  1. Before handling your colored contacts you must first wash your hands, and then clean and disinfect your colored contact lenses each time you remove them from your eyes. Rather than just topping off the storage solution, better to replace the solution completely with fresh sterilizing storage solution each time you store the lenses. Never substitute tap water for the storage solution because it would not be sterile or safe. Remember to clean out the lens case at least once a week and leave it open to air dry prior to replacing the storage solution. Replace the lens case every few months especially if your present contact lens case is becoming dirty. Rinse off and sterilize the contact lenses if they touch anything but a clean lens case, your clean fingers and your healthy eyes. This is proper and good hygiene and will help to prevent eye infections.

  2. We recommend that you clean, rinse, disinfect and soak your colored contact lenses with either Alcon's "OPTIFREE REPLENISH" multipurpose solution or Ciba Vision's "AQUIFY" multipurpose solution, to maintain sterility when not wearing your contact lenses. You can usually obtain these solutions at your major grocery store or local drug store.

  3. Should either of your eyes starts to bother you more than the other, put the right lens on the left eye and the left lens on the right eye for just a few minutes, to determine if the contact lens is defective, or if your eye is getting irritated and sore from over-wearing the contact lenses. Should the same eye continue to bother you, after the switch, you are probably over-wearing your contact lens and you need to give your eyes a rest. Should the opposite eye start to bother you, it is probably something that is wrong with that particular contact lens. First make sure that the contact lens is not inside out. Then clean your lenses, and if cleaning them doesn't seem to help, the contact-lens will probably need to be replaced and then worn on the proper eye.

  4. NOTICE: Don't wear your contact lenses if they make your eyes start to hurt, if your vision blurs, if your eyes get red, or if your eyes get sensitive to light. You will need to obtain professional care immediately, if you stop wearing the contact-lenses because they bother you, and then your eyes fail to improve. You might be getting an eye infection that will require treatment especially if your eyes are getting a pussy discharge which can become serious.

  5. Put your contact lenses on before applying make-up but after using hair spray and never wear contact lenses while swimming because you can loose them.

  6. Not blinking enough is the cause of most wearing problems because it causes dirty and/or dry contact-lenses Try to blink more and clean your lenses when they are removed from your eyes or at least once a week especially if you sleep in your contact lenses. Another common reason is wearing contact lenses that are damaged or worn out and needing to be replaced. Because soft contacts are delicate and tear easily they must be handled carefully.

  7. If you notice a slight blur to the periphery when you first start wearing colored contacts this is normal and is caused by the opaque colors in the contact lens.

  8. The FDA and the manufacturer of our contact lenses have approved sleeping in these lenses for up to a week at a time. Most eye doctors believe that it is a lot safer and better not to sleep in their contact-lenses. They feel that the rate of complications such as infected or red eyes is less than 1/10 of those that wear their lenses when sleeping. That's why we recommend that you do not sleep wearing your contacts. During the day it should be safe to take a short nap with the lenses on, but play it safe and take off the contact lenses before you go to sleep at night.


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