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We Stock Color Contacts

All of our quality Freshlook colored contacts are made in America with FDA approval to improve vision and change eye color. Our Freshlook contact lens brand is available as disposable or a reusable contact lenses. You may now purchase our color contact lenses from our online store.

Ciba Vision Freshlook color contacts come with or without power meaning they may or may not contain a prescription. A nonprescription colored contact lens can be without a prescription or power and are only intended to change your eye color if you have dark color eyes or enhance light colored eyes. We recently found it necessary to limit our international color contact lens orders to a total of three pairs.

Review our contact lens instruction page before putting them on the first time. To protect your eyes be sure that the colored contacts are handled and cared for properly, that good hygiene is used, and that the contact lenses are not over worn or mishandled.

Copyright © 1997 - 2017 Colored Contacts LLC. All Rights Reserved